Peavey Mfg 42

Peavey Mfg 42" Wooden Handle Peavey

Peavey Mfg Replacement Peavey Handle (54

Peavey Mfg Replacement Peavey Handle (54" Hardwood)

Peavey Mfg 54" Wooden Handle Peavey

Peavey Mfg has been making logging tools in Maine since 1857, a testament to their quality and craftsmanship. Peaveys are great for handling logs and cants or beams around the sawmill. They also work great for rolling logs when cutting firewood. The Peavey is similar to a cant hook except it has a pointed spike at the working end. The spike allows you to separate stacked logs easily, and you can stick it into soft ground for handy access around the worksite. Peaveys come with a steel socket and drop forged duck bill hook secured to a 2-3/8" diameter durable hardwood handle.
Shipping Weight 11.0 lbs.

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