Timber Tuff Beam Cutter TMW-57

Timber Tuff Beam Cutter TMW-57

Ott Accu-Stick Pro 19" - 36"

This tool will dramatically increase the speed and accuracy of cutting firewood, furthermore gives the user a visual perpendicular sight line between the saw bar and log to achieve more square cuts.

The Ott Accu-Stick magnetically sticks to the side of any steel chain bar, no need to tighten or loosen anything on the tool, just pull or push the telescoping tube to the desired length marked on the tube to the front of the knurled purple nose and you are ready to start cutting.

Always use common sense when using the Ott Accu-Stick on your chainsaw!

Please make sure your chainsaw is not running and the chain brake is engaged when installing or removing this tool from your chainsaw.
Shipping Weight 0.7 lbs.

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    Telescoping adjustable tube from 19" - 36" with 1/4" increments
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