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Oregon 100cm SpeedMax Harvester Bar (.404

Oregon 100cm SpeedMax Harvester Bar (.404" Pitch) 002SMRQ114

Oregon 82cm SpeedMax Harvester Bar (.404

Oregon 82cm SpeedMax Harvester Bar (.404" Pitch) 822SMRR149 Jet-Fit

Oregon Replacement Harvester Bar Sprocket Nose Tip (3/4" Pitch) 40603A

ORH 40603A
Replacement 3/4" pitch sprocket-nose kit from Oregon. Replace your worn or damaged 3/4" pitch sprocketnose bar tips with this nose packages. Noses require a drill or punch to remove rivets, or you can simply grind them off. Use a ball peen hammer to replace rivets. This tip also features Oregon's patented Cradle Nose design which on the sprocket the weight and load is spread out over the much larger surface area between each tooth. The end result is a dramatic decrease in sprocket problems and nose-sprocket life that is 150% to 300% longer.

Kits include rivets.

Shipping Weight 1.8 lbs.

In stock
More Information
Pitch 3/4" (.750)
Gauge .122" (3.1mm)
Tooth Count 9TH
Tooth Count 9 Teeth
Rivet Count 5

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