WoodlandPRO 71HX Harvester Chain Tie Strap (Each)

WoodlandPRO 71HX Harvester Chain Tie Strap (Each)

Oregon Replacement 18HX Harvester Chain Tie Straps (25 Pack) 518812 (Replaces ORTS 18HX)

Oregon Replacement 18HX Harvester Chain Tie Straps (25 Pack) 518812 (Replaces ORTS 18HX)

Oregon Replacement 18H Harvester Chain Preset Tie Strap (Each)

Preset tie straps for WoodlandPRO and Carlton/Windsor harvester chain. Preset tie straps (also known as Presets) are used to assemble chain loops or repair damaged chains. Preset ties straps have two rivets installed and require a tie strap on the opposite side to complete the connection. WoodlandPRO preset ties straps are sold individually.

Important Note: B5 series harvester chain parts are available in two different sizes. Newer chains have .090" thick rivets, while older ones have .080" thick rivets. They are not interchangeable. Be sure to check before ordering. See below.

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More Information
Pitch .404"
Gauge .080" (2.0mm)
Fits the following harvester chain:
  • WoodlandPRO B5 (48HX Series) Chain: Note: Will only fit newer 48HX harvester chain.
  • Newer Carlton B5H Series Chain: Note: Will not fit older B5M harvester chain.
  • Newer Oregon 18HX Series Chain: Will not fit older 18H harvester chain.
  • Note: These presets will interchange with Oregon chains, but the preset profile has a slightly different shape.

WARNING: All harvester chain is intended for use on mechanized harvesting equipment only and should never be used on hand-held chainsaws. Depth-gauge settings, grind angles and other features on harvester chain is more aggressive in order to obtain maximum productivity from mechanized saws; these features can cause high levels of kickback, or increase other risk factors which can lead to a greater danger of injury to the operator or bystanders. DO NOT install harvester chain on hand-held chainsaws.
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