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Oregon Platinum Gatorline (.105

Oregon Platinum Gatorline (.105") 1lb Donut 20-101

Oregon Platinum Gatorline (.130

Oregon Platinum Gatorline (.130 ") 1lb Donut 20-107

Oregon Platinum Gatorline (.105") 3lb Spool 20-103

OEP 20103
Platinum Gatorline solves many of the problems that can aggravate users of traditional trimmer line. It features an armored exterior that's more resistant to breakage than standard line. This exterior shields a highly flexible co-polymer core, providing outstanding durability. Platinum Gatorline is also engineered to resist welding up to 498F - Much higher than standard line. With Platinum Gatorline, you'll get less resistance, engine drag, vibration and noise compared to traditional round trimmer lines.
Shipping Weight 3.5 lbs.

Currently out of stock. More due to arrive soon. Order now to reserve yours.

Spools of trimmer line mean big jobs ahead. Why waste time with tangled line? Pick up a spool holder/dispenser today. # OEP 88006 - Trimmer Line Spool Holder
Important Trimmer Line Note: Over time monofilament trimmer line loses moisture and becomes brittle especially if subjected to heat and sunlight. To reduce brittleness we recommend submerging monofilament trimmer line in water for 24 hours.
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