Wiha Hex Inch T-Handle 3/16

Wiha Hex Inch T-Handle 3/16"

Wiha Hex Metric T-Handle 4.0mm

Wiha Hex Metric T-Handle 4.0mm

Oregon Bar Wrench Scrench (17mm x 21mm) 57-010

ORF 57010
Bar wrenches are multi-purpose chainsaw wrenches that go by many names (Scrench, T-Bar Wrench). Bar wrenches are primarily used for adjusting the chain tension on a chainsaw, removing the spark plug and for accessing air filters, starters, etc on certain saws. They are versatile little tools that do the job of 2 wrenches and a screwdriver. Bar wrenches are not restricted to the chainsaw. They also work on small gas engine powered string trimmers, leaf blowers and even Go Karts. You can even change the spark plugs in your car. It's a worthwhile, versatile, universal little tool to carry around everywhere you go. Bar wrenches are made of heat treated, zinc plated steel.
Shipping Weight 0.2 lbs.

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Barrel Size 11/16" x 13/16" (17mm x 21mm)
Barrel Length 2-3/8" (60mm)
Handle Length 6-3/4" (172mm)
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