Oregon 90cm Harvester Chain Loop (19HX 100 Drive Links) 19HX100E

Oregon 90cm Harvester Chain Loop (19HX 100 Drive Links) 19HX100E

Oregon 11BC (3/4

Oregon 11BC (3/4" Pitch) Harvester Chain

Oregon 90cm Harvester Chain Loop (19HX 105 Drive Links) 19HX105E

ORH 19HX105
Oregon 19HX is specifically designed for use on today's mechanical harvesting machines.19HX is the newest addition to the Oregon harvester lineup, Featuring a new tall chamfer chisel cutter for lightning quick cutting speeds. This chain is built with thicker components giving its durability a distinct edge over its predecessors. 19HX also features the LubriTec oiling system to help keep both the bar and chain well lubricated. The Blued cutters provide unmatched corrosion resistance.
Shipping Weight 2.5 lbs.

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More Information
Length 90cm (35")
Pitch .404"
Gauge .080" (2.0mm)
Drive Link Count 105 Drive Links
Cutter Type Chamfer Chisel
Sequence Standard (Full Compliment)
Recommended File Size 7/32"(5.5mm)
Recommended Grinding Wheel Size 3/16"(4.0mm)
Replaces Stihl Part Numbers 40RMH, 40RMHS
Replaces Oregon Part Number 18H, 18HX
Replaces Carlton Part Number B5H, B5M
WARNING: All harvester chain is intended for use on mechanized harvesting equipment only and should never be used on hand-held chainsaws. Depth-gauge settings, grind angles and other features on harvester chain is more aggressive in order to obtain maximum productivity from mechanized saws; these features can cause high levels of kickback, or increase other risk factors which can lead to a greater danger of injury to the operator or bystanders. DO NOT install harvester chain on hand-held chainsaws.
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