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Oregon .404

Oregon .404" Pitch Harvester Sprocket (25mm Bore) Style C

Oregon 3/4

Oregon 3/4" Pitch Harvester Rim Sprocket (1-1/4" Bore)

Oregon .404" Pitch Harvester Sprocket (22.5mm Bore) Style D

Oregon rim style harvester drive sprockets are made from high quality heat treated steel. These drive sprockets are specifically designed to fit the hydraulic motors on harvester machines. The new XL design comes complete with patented wear marks, so you know when the sprocket needs to be replaces. The chip ejection port design allows the sprocket to be mounted from either side. Oregon .404" pitch drive sprockets are designed to work with 18HX, and 19HX harvester chain, but they will fit any .404 pitch chain. Sprocket teeth slots accept both .063 (1.6mm) and .080 (2.0mm) gauge chain.
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Pitch .404"
Gauge .080" (2.0mm)
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