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Oregon HarvesterLok Chain Catcher HL1-CC

Oregon HarvesterLok Chain Catcher HL1-CC

Oregon 3/4

Oregon 3/4" Pitch HarvesterLok Sprocket Hub (30mm Bore) HL1-30

Oregon 3/4" Pitch HarvesterLok Sprocket System (30mm Bore) OR9-HL1-30

ORH OR9 HL1 30
Oregon Harvesterlok 3/4" pitch sprocket system is the latest in drive sprocket technology. This sprocket system consists of two main parts, a locking collar and a replaceable rim. The locking collar attaches to the drive shaft and rim by expanding in both directions when you tighten the allen head cap screws. This keyless system secures the sprocket to the drive shaft with uniform pressure, eliminating the chance of distorting or warping the shaft. It also reduces the chance of slippage or keyway failures due to loose keys. The replaceable rim is made of heat treated steel for long life, but once it wears out, simply replace the rim only. This sprocket is easy to maintain in the field, and over time the most economical sprocket to run.
Shipping Weight 2.3 lbs.

Factory Shipped
Ships in 7-10 Days
Expedited Shipping Unavailable

More Information
Pitch 3/4" (.750")
Gauge .122" (3.1mm)
Tooth Count 9TH
Tooth Count 9 Teeth
Bore Size 30mm Bore
Rim Diameter 3-7/8"
Rim Width 13/16"
Rim Bore 2"
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