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Oregon 25" Gator Mulcher G6 Mower Blade John Deere - 396-775

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Oregon 16-1/8" Gator Mulcher 3-in-1 Massey/Simplicity

Oregon 17-3/16" Gator Mulcher Mower Blade J Deere G6

OEP 396738
Gator Mulcher G6 blades are the highest quality blade we offer. Gator Mulcher G6 blades have all of the great cutting and mulching characteristics of standard Gator Mulcher blades, but they are loaded with extra features. First, the blades are 25% thicker and a full 3" wide (most blades are 2-1/2" wide). This gives you greater durability and strength for longer blade life. Gator Mulcher G6 blades also have an extended cutting edge, to give you more cutting length along the blade. Gator Mulcher G6 blades also include Fusion technology in their cutting edge. These blades have an ultra-hard layer fused at the blade's cutting edge, which means that the blade remains sharp and continues to give a clean cut far longer than standard blades.
Gator Mulcher G6 blades are thru-hardened to a Rockwell C-scale hardness of 50 for optimum safety and durability, then individually straightened for a precision cut. Blades can be sharpened like any standard mower blade, although they will wear wheels much quicker.
What about wet grass
Gator Mulcher blades actually work better in wet grass than standard blades. This is because the turbulence created by the tips of the teeth helps to keep the grass from clumping together. The updated Gator Mulcher G6 blades work even better in wet grass than the old style because they move more air and discharge the clippings faster.
Shipping Weight 3.1 lbs.

Factory Shipped
Ships in 7-10 Days
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More Information
Lawnmower Blade Type HighLift
Blade Length 17-3/16" (43.6cm)
Blade Width 3" (7.62cm)
Blade Thickness .250" (6.35mm)
Center Hole Diameter 45/64" (18mm)

Fits the Following Machines
John Deere (3) for 50" cut
Replaces John Deere Part Numbers AM39966, M86209, M76461
Replaces Oregon Part Number 90-701
This item fits the following:

John Deere: 50" Mowers (3 Blades with 3/4" Center Hole)
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