Better Grab - Rope Grab (Fits 7/16

Better Grab - Rope Grab (Fits 7/16" - 5/8" Rope)

Edelrid Foot Cruiser Foot Ascender (Left Foot)

Edelrid Foot Cruiser Foot Ascender (Left Foot)

Notch Rope Runner Pro

The Notch Rope Runner Pro has enhanced ergonomics and rope friendly edges. It is the ultimate SRS mechanical device. This mechanical ascender/descender applies friction at 3 points on the rope to hold you securely and give super smooth one-handed descents. It has flattened 'bird' sections for comfort when descending and multiple friction settings. Its internal spring keeps it safe from dirt and debris and slic pins keep all of the parts together when the device is opened.
Shipping Weight 2.0 lbs.

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Color Grey
Rope Compatibility: 11 to 13mm
Working Load Limit: 308lbs (140kg)
Weight: 15oz (425g)
Materials: Hot-forged aluminum, stainless steel, & nylon
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