Neuson Forest Harvester 264HVT Tracked Harvester with Cab Leveling

Neuson Forest Harvester 264HVT Tracked Harvester with Cab Leveling

Neuson Forest Harvester 204HVT with Cab Leveling

NEF 1000293463
This is a completely new design with the tried and tested parallel crane technology by Waratah. The main goal of this development was improving power density and comfort as well as consistently implementing customer requesting from all 6 continents. A simple push of a button is enough to switch between foot and joystick control for the operation of the customized tracks. It has intuitive control and everything at a glance.

The electrical pilot control and the XCrane control from Technion, makes the machine easily adaptable to the needs of the operator. You can choose from 5 individually adjustable driver profiles.

Thanks to the various chain options, the machine can be adapted to your application in a very short time. And with the practical quick-changing bolt, the chain can be changed in no time.

The interior of the 204HVT was re-developed in an intensive design process. Fatigue free seating and hand position. Unhindered view. Pleasant temperature and extensive protection from noise and vibrations.

The crane can be operated easily and precisely with the Smart Tip Handling System. The left mini-lever controls horizontal movement, the right one controls vertical movement of the head. This intuitive handling enables fatigue-free work, high productivity and thus cost savings.

The 204HVT is equipped with a proven superstructure auto leveling system (Tilt). A slope compensation of 25° at the front and +/- 15° at the side enables efficient work in steep and impassable terrain. With the auto leveling option, the machine keeps its balance independently. The far reach crane used is the CH6 series from Waratah. 

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Shipping Weight 33,000.0 lbs.

Please contact our Industrial Sales Group at 1-888-465-8227 for ordering and shipping information.

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