ArborMAX 12' Carbon Fiber Pole Saw Package (13

ArborMAX 12' Carbon Fiber Pole Saw Package (13" Blade) Fixed Head

Marvin 12' Fiberglass Pole Saw Package (U-1R) Fixed Head PKG-66U

Complete fiberglass pole saw package from Marvin. Fred Marvin (know as just "Marvin" today) has been making pole pruners and saws since 1943. Marvin products are known for their quality, precision and durability. Marvin's two piece pruning package consists of a Marvin U-1R pruning head with 13" saw and two 6' fiberglass poles. This is known as a fixed head pole saw, because the saw head is mounted directly on the pole. Fixed head pole saws are popular because of their lightweight design, as compared to a "Quick Change" system, but you cannot switch heads quickly. Fiberglass poles are easily connected via a spring clip extension coupling.

Note: Minor assembly necessary. A 1/4" hole must be drilled to attach the pole saw head to the top pole.

Shipping Weight 9.0 lbs.

Currently out of stock. More due to arrive soon. Order now to reserve yours.

Pruner Package Contents
(1) Marvin U-1R Pole Saw Head
(1) Marvin S20 Pole Saw Blade (13" Tri-Edge)
(1) Marvin 6 Hollow Core Pole (Top Section)
(1) Marvin 6 Hollow Core Pole (Base Section)
Warning! Keep pruning poles away from electrical power lines or wires. Approaching or contacting electric power lines with a pruning pole may cause serious injury or death by electrocution. Electricity can jump from one point to another by means of arcing. Maintain a clearance of at least 50 ft. between the pruning pole and any electrical line carrying live current.
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