Lucas Mill Model 8-30 Portable Swing Blade Sawmill

Lucas Mill Model 8-30 Portable Swing Blade Sawmill

Lucas Mill Model 6-18 Portable Swing Blade Sawmill

LM M6 18
Lucas Mill portable sawmills have been a big hit here in North America since their introduction back in 1996. Today, there are well over 18,000 Lucas Sawmills operating worldwide, with a great many of those still cutting logs today. These portable sawmills are designed for production milling of saw logs, both large and small, on a commercial scale. These sawmills use the proven swing blade design to break down logs into accurate lumber, which is far quicker and easier than comparably priced bandsaw sawmills. They are also much cheaper to operate, as the carbide tipped sawblades don't require the constant maintenance that bandsaw blades require. The Model 6-18 is the original Lucas Mill design that started the swing blade revolution. It cuts up to a 6" x 6" timber in one pass, and up to a 6" x 12" timber in two passes. Optional slabbing attachment allows for 50" wide slabs.

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Shipping Weight 825.0 lbs.

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  • Engine: Briggs 18HP Electric/Manual Start V-Twin Gas Engine
  • Transmission: 4" Centrifugal Clutch with 40mm Shaft (Belt Drive)
  • Sawblade: Circular 5 Tooth Blade with .195" Kerf (5.0mm)
  • Maximum Single Pass Cut: Up to 6.25" x 6.25" (160mm x 160mm)
  • Maximum Double Pass Cut: Up to 6.25" x 12.5" (160mm x 320mm)
  • Maximum Log Cutting Length: Up to 20' (6.3m)*
  • Maximum Log Cutting Diameter: Up to 5' (1.5m)*
  • Powerhead Weight: 290 lbs (131kg)
  • Overall Weight: 600 lbs (270kg)
  • Log Size Note*: The Lucas Sawmill can cut virtually any diameter log under 16' (5m) long, by raising the end frame system around the log. Length extensions are also available to cut timbers over 40' (13m) long.

3 Year Warranty
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