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LogRite Standard Series Peavey (48

LogRite Standard Series Peavey (48" Aluminum Handle) PV048

Timber Tuff Peavy (36

Timber Tuff Peavy (36" Wooden Handle) TMW-01

LogRite Xtreme Duty Peavey (60" Aluminum Handle) XPV060

XPV 060
Top qualtiy peaveys from LogRite. Peaveys are great for handling logs and cants or beams around the sawmill. LogRite Xtreme duty peaveys are designed for big logs, and are made with reinforced 1-3/4" diameter aircraft aluminum handles, which can take the abuse. The bright yellow handle is easy to see around a sawmill or woodlot. The heat treated, zinc plated hook is built to last. The textured rubber grip is easy to hold. These peaveys have a blunt steel point on the end which helps separate piled logs.
Shipping Weight 12.0 lbs.

In stock
Log Diameter Range 10" - 36"
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