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Logrite T36 Tractor Skidding Arch

Logrite T36 Tractor Skidding Arch

Logosol Clivus ATV Log Skidding Arch

Logosol Clivus ATV Log Skidding Arch

LogRite Junior Skidding Arch

The Junior Arch from LogRite is a device designed to be used by hand, that weighs just 53 lbs., but can lift and carry logs from 4 to 16 inches in diameter and 1,000 lbs. in weight. The Junior is ideal for portable sawmilling and small woodlot applications. For arborists, the Junior is an indispensable back saving tool for your crew. Forget cutting everything short and carrying it out, or loading it on wheelbarrows or carts, let the Junior do the lifting and have it all out to the curb and ready to chip in no time at all! The Junior can also be used to fell hang-ups in tight stands, by picking the entire cut tree up off the stump and allowing it to be walked back, to free the hang-up of the crowns in other nearby trees. Use it to bunch up groups of smaller logs, or turn and position logs in nearly any situation. In most cases the Junior is applied at the midpoint of the log, so that the entire log weight is on the wheels and the effort to move, turn or position is minimal. Moving logs up hill, or through rough rocky or brushy terrain can be accomplished by "pumping" the Junior, where every pull on the handle will move the log approximately 1 foot. Generally, the Junior can be pulled along carrying a log, with minimal effort. Of course it isn't motorized, so effectively moving logs is dependent upon some exertion and an increasing skill level in reading the application techniques.
Shown with extension bar (#JH036), sold separately
Shipping Weight 119.0 lbs.

Oversized or Overweight Item.
Please call 1-800-322-4539 for a shipping quote.

The Junior is 68" long by 31" wide and 31" tall. There is an optional extension handle (#JH036 - sold separately) that adds 33" of usable length for extra leverage and walking in front of longer logs, which can add 5 lbs. to the overall weight, when installed with a pin.
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