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LogRite Electric Brakes for TA30 Tractor Arch

LogRite Electric Brakes for TA30 Tractor Arch

LogRite ATV Skidding Arch

The ATV arch is a tough, light structure designed to move logs. It is easy for one man to use. It can be used behind an ATV, Gator, riding lawn mower or pick up truck.

The ATV arch has an effective "reach" of 5 feet allowing it to pick up logs up to 10 or 11 feet in overall length by their middle or drag just the tail end of longer logs. It is also effective in hauling logs 20 feet or longer with minimal tail drag. Where longer logs need to be moved with no disturbance the Junior, Buck or Fetching arches can be used as a tag axle to fully suspend the log (See "Images" tab). The ATV arch comes equipped with a 3200 lb 2 speed hand winch and a 3/8" choker cable. The winch line can be used for large single logs or multiple smaller logs.
Comes with the tires shown on main image. Does NOT come with the tires shown in the forest setting.

Shipping Weight 234.0 lbs.

Please contact our Industrial Sales Group at 1-888-465-8227 for ordering and shipping information.

  • Log Capacity: 26" diameter
  • Length Capacity: 10 fully suspended
  • Weight Capacity: 2000 pounds
  • Tire Size: 24" outside diameter
  • Ball Coupler: 2"
  • Arch Width: 54"
  • Arch Length: 109"
  • Arch Height: 49" at tip of winch handle
  • Arch Weight: 234 pounds

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