Woodchuck Dual Peavey/Cant Hook (47

Woodchuck Dual Peavey/Cant Hook (47" Aluminum Handle) WCT04

LogRite Xtreme Duty Cant Hook (78

LogRite Xtreme Duty Cant Hook (78" Handle with Mega Hook) HM078

Logosol Log Spinning Cant Hook

LSL 9999 000 2702
Log spinning cant hook from Logosol. This patented cant hook takes log handling to a new level. This cant hook has a dual handle function ratcheting system that makes it unique among log turners. The cant hook works just like other cant hooks, except there is no need to reset the hook as the log rolls. This allows you to turn the log a little bit at a time and work with your legs, which spares your back. Works best with logs from 10" to 20" in diameter. Made from plated steel.
Shipping Weight 10.0 lbs.

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