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Logosol 9" (230mm) M2 HSS Planer Knives (Pair)

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Logosol 20" (510mm) M2 HSS Planer Knives (Pair)

Logosol 38mm Short Profile Knife Gibs (Pair)

LSL 7000 000 9508
Profile knife gibs from Logosol. Profile knife gibs are used on all Logosol planer/moulder machines in conjuncture with horizontal profile knives. Horizontal profile knives are indexed on the two threaded dowel pins and are wedged in place with the gib by tightening the 10mm bolt in the cutterhead slot. Thin profile knife gibs are designed for longer (100mm +) horizontal profile knives with 4 indexing holes. When using profile knives over 100mm in length, you need one set of standard profile knife gibs, and one set of short profile knife gibs.
Shipping Weight 0.3 lbs.

In stock
  • Length 38mm
  • Height 21.5mm
  • Dowel Diameter 6mm
  • Distance Between Dowels 24mm

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