Lewis Winch Peavey Hook and Shackle

Lewis Winch Peavey Hook and Shackle

Lewis Winch 3/16

Lewis Winch 3/16" Replacement Cable w/Alloy Eye Hook / Latch (150')

Lewis Winch Multi Drill (Universal Drive)

The Lewis Multi Drill Universal Drive is a simple device that transforms the high revolutions per minute (RPM) of a chainsaw engine into low-speed torque. You can use this versatile chainsaw attachment as an auger to drill earth and ice, or as a wood drill for log home building and a wide variety of wood boring applications. It's also ideal for remote locations and construction zones where power is not available. It is designed to bolt onto your chainsaw just like a chainsaw guide bar and it only takes a few minutes to switch back and forth from one to the other. The oil-filled gearbox (or transmission) drives the output shaft and turns your wood drill or auger. It's that simple! This version will fit on any chainsaw because it uses a small mini-bar and short chain to mount on your chainsaw, exactly the same way your cutter bar does now.
Shipping Weight 11.0 lbs.

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Choosing the Right Chainsaw for your Lewis Multi Drill Attachment
The size of your chainsaw is important!
Using a chainsaw with a minimum 3 HP (48cc) with 18" bar running 3/8" pitch chain is best because it ensures a commercial grade clutch that although it may sometimes slip under a heavy load the clutch will not burn up.
Maximum chainsaw size is 100ccs or 7HP. Electric chainsaws and smaller gas chainsaws will give satisfactory performances with lighter loads only.
If you have purchased the direct drive model your saw must have an accessible outboard sprocket. Most modern saws are built this way. If you are looking at the universal mount Multi-Drill version then you can mount your Multi-Drill to any chainsaw.
Chainsaw must be properly maintained and serviced (see your chainsaw owner's manual or check with your local chainsaw dealer). Please ensure that your chainsaw's throttle and clutch are in proper working order - because they directly affect the safe performance of the Lewis Multi Drill. The operators assumes all risk when using an engine with more than 100ccs or 7 horse power.
1 Year Warranty
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