King Arthur's Merlin2  Carbide Carving Disc (3/8

King Arthur's Merlin2 Carbide Carving Disc (3/8" Bore) Medium

King Arthur's Holey Galahad 4

King Arthur's Holey Galahad 4" Round Carbide Carving Disc (7/8" Bore) Coarse 47851

King Arthur's Merlin2 Wood Carving Disc (8 Tooth) 21008

KAT 21008
This Merlin Disc accessory includes an 8 tooth saw chain between two 10mm discs. Use it to remove, cut, shape and sculpt various materials such as wood, dense foam, foam core, bone, horn, antler, rubber, ice and soft non-ferrous materials. Great for working on habitat.
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