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Cannon (.404

Cannon (.404") Replacement Bar Tip (HV 404 S LM1) for Lucas Mill Bars

Stihl Replaceable Sprocket Nose Tip Kit (3/8

Stihl Replaceable Sprocket Nose Tip Kit (3/8" Pitch) 11 Tooth 3003 650 2551

Husqvarna Power Match Replaceable Sprocket Nose Kit (3/8" Pitch) 640100346

HVA 640 10 03 46
Replaceable sprocket nose (RSN) tips fit all Husqvarna Power Match bars as well as most Oregon PowerCut, Power Match, WoodlandPRO and Cannon Sprocketnose bars. The break away design protects the expensive bar body during mishaps. Extra-long shape directs wear onto the nose, away from the body. Nose is easily removed by punching or drilling out the large rivet. New heavy duty nose design comes with 6 rivets to secure the nose sprocket. Kit includes installation instructions along with a rivet. Tip works with all gauges (.050, .058, .063). Requires a hammer and punch to install.
Shipping Weight 0.5 lbs.

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Pitch 3/8" (.375")
Tooth Count 12 Teeth
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