WoodlandPro 18

WoodlandPro 18" TimberMAX Chainsaw Bar For Stihl (66 Drive Links) WPTM 18 SS50

Oregon 20

Oregon 20" VersaCut Chainsaw Bar (78 Drive Links) 200VXLGK041

Husqvarna 20" Narrow Kerf Pixel Chainsaw Bar (80 DL) HLN-250-80

HVA 585 94 32 80
Narrow kerf sprocketnose chainsaw bar from Husqvarna. Narrow kerf (also known as "Pixel") chainsaw bars are designed to be used in conjuncture with narrow kerf saw chain. These bars are slightly thinner than standard chainsaw bars to match the chain kerf. It takes less power from the saw to make the same length of cut with a narrow kerf bar/chain cutting system than with a standard bar and chain. Bars are made from high quality steel material for strength, durability, and resistance to wear.
Shipping Weight 1.0 lbs.

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Length 20" (50cm)
Pitch .325"
Gauge .050" (1.3mm) Narrow Kerf
Drive Link Count 80 Drive Links
Tooth Count 10 Teeth
Weight 1 lbs (.45kg)
WARNING: This saw chain may be capable of kickback that could result in serious injury to the chainsaw operator or bystanders. Do not use this chain unless you have experience and specialized training for dealing with kickback. Saw chain with reduced kickback potential is available.
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