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Ox Head 635 H Splitting Maul (6.6 lbs) with 36

Ox Head 635 H Splitting Maul (6.6 lbs) with 36" Handle

Council Tool Splitting Maul (6.0 lbs) with 36

Council Tool Splitting Maul (6.0 lbs) with 36" Hickory Handle PR60M

Hults Bruk Bjork Splitting Axe (3.5 lbs) with 30" Handle

HBK H840591
Premium hand forged axe from Hults Bruk. Hults Bruk has been forging axes in Sweden since 1697, a testimate to their craftmanship and quality. The Bjork is a large splitting axe intended for heavier duties such as splitting large logs as well as processing wood for use in a fireplace. Hults Bruk axe heads are forged from quality Swedish steel. As part of the hand forging production process, the steel is struck multiple times thereby increasing its density and resulting in more durability of the axe. The head is constructed in such a way that there is a tempered zone designed to hold a very sharp edge even after many sharpenings. The handles are made from quality American hickory which is treated and finished with linseed oil. Each axe comes with a traditional leather protective sheath that is embellished with some unique Swedish decorative elements.
Shipping Weight 7.0 lbs.

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