Rock Exotica RockGrab 90º (Fits 3/8

Rock Exotica RockGrab 90º (Fits 3/8"-1/2" Rope)

Petzl Ascension Ergonomic Handled Ascender (Left Hand) B17ALA

Petzl Ascension Ergonomic Handled Ascender (Left Hand) B17ALA

HAAS Velox Ascent System

The new HAAS Velox makes the original HAAS even better. With an additional 18 inches of bungee in the system, the Velox is a one size fits all, zero set up, efficient rope access tool. The snap is tied just above the ascender and will extract out 30 inches, which eliminates any setup, as well as any "dead spots" in the return action.

Additional Information:
The bungee is terminated at the top of the Velox and travels down through a channel to the bottom. Here it is wrapped around a shiv with stainless steel sealed bearings inside a machined aluminum block for maximum friction reduction. It then returns back up a second channel where it is tied to the snap. The result is 31 inches of inline bungee contained in the system at rest, allowing 30 inches to be extracted under load.

Shipping Weight 1.0 lbs.

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