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Gedore Ochsenkopf OX 440 H (32

Gedore Ochsenkopf OX 440 H (32") Champion Throwing Axe

Gedore Ochsenkopf OX 18 H (30") Throwing Axe

GED OX 18 H 1206
The Gedore Ochsenkopf 30" OX 18 H Throwing Axe has the perfect balance for optimum flight. Especially designed for contests. Form and execution are up to the competition standards. The axe head is forged and fine polished and comes with a high-quality hickory handle. Very appealing optic through a special wood treatment. 3x wedging of the handle effects a non-detachable handle join. Comes with a high-quality leather blade-protection.
Shipping Weight 4.3 lbs.

Factory Shipped
Ships in 7-10 Days
Expedited Shipping Unavailable

Total Weight 4.4 lbs
Head Weight 2.65 lbs
Length 29.5" (750mm)
Width of Cutting Edge 6" (150mm)
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