Buckingham Bucklite Titanium Tree Climbers (2-3/4

Buckingham Bucklite Titanium Tree Climbers (2-3/4" Gaffs) TB93089

Gecko Steel Tree Climbers (2-3/4

Gecko Steel Tree Climbers (2-3/4" Gaff) 41150

Gecko Aluminum Tree Climbers (2-7/8" Gaffs) 40929T (Tree Gaffs)

GKO 40929T
Professional tree climbers (also known as spikes, spurs and hooks) from Gecko. Gecko aluminum climbers are lightweight (4.8 lbs), and designed to be one of the most comfortable climbers on the market. Since the leg shanks are designed to cup the foot arch, bypassing contact with the ankle, there is no super-wide, triple-thick, metal-enhanced, huge pad and straps required to keep the gaffs secured to your leg. The shank is fully height adjustable (16" to 18-3/4") and has lightweight washable shin pads. Gecko spurs come with synthetic lower straps. Weight limit on aluminum Geckos is 350 pounds, including gear! Made in Germany by Distel.
Sold in pairs only.
Shipping Weight 7.0 lbs.

Currently out of stock. More due to arrive soon. Order now to reserve yours.

  • CE Certified: Yes
  • Length: 16.1 in - 18.9 in
  • Metal: Aluminum Shanks
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