Weaver #1700 Leather Saw Scabbard 08-02004

Weaver #1700 Leather Saw Scabbard 08-02004

Fanno 13

Fanno 13" (330mm) Tri-Edge Saw Blade FI-13s-B

Fanno 14" (350mm) Tri-Edge Saw Blade FI-15s-B

Fanno saw blades have been popular with tree care professionals for decades. This Fanno saw blade comes with a Japanese tri-edge tooth pattern, which will make quick work of branches and limbs. This blade also comes with a gullet tooth design, which cuts very rapidly in soft woods, due to the improved chip clearance. Fanno Tri-edge blades are easily installed on most pole pruner heads or Fanno handsaws with the aid of a screwdriver.
Shipping Weight 0.7 lbs.

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Saw Blade Specifcations
  • Blade Cutting Length: 14" (350mm)
  • Teeth Per Inch: 6
  • Fits the Following Handsaws: Fanno FI-1500
  • Fits the Following Pole Saw Heads: Fanno ASH, Marvin U-1R, U-2, Jameson PS-3

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