Dmm Thimble (6mm X 19mm)

Dmm Thimble (6mm X 19mm)

Samson (3/8

Samson (3/8") Blue Line Thimble

Dmm Thimble (6mm X 22mm)

DMM S2906
The humble Thimble has evolved into a high strength, stylish,corrosion resistant, closed anchor component for ropeand wire of all types. Investment cast in Stainless Steel andthen heat treated, DMM Equalizing Thimbles have smoothsurfaces throughout which are sought out by the mostdiscerning cordage!
-Rope and connector friendly
-Can be used as a transition/junction point betweena range of hardware and textile components
-Forms an open eye in textile loops enabling quickand easy attachment of components
-Compatible with 'moving' or stationary rope
-When used in place of a pulley in a compact haulingsystem, removes the need for additional equipmentsuch as connectors and reduces overall height ofthe hauling system
-Available in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm
57 g
Shipping Weight 0.1 lbs.

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