Blue Water 1/2

Blue Water 1/2" Dyneema Loop Runner

ArborMAX 5/8

ArborMAX 5/8" Red Tenex Adjustable Whoopie Sling

DMM Impact Rigging Block and Loopie Sling Combo

The DMM Impact Rigging Block is a robust and durable pulley designed specifically for the rigors of professional arborist work. A rope-friendly pulley, the DMM Impact Block is best used when coupled with an adjustable loopie sling. This kit includes an ArborMAX Tenex adjustable loopie sling. Loopie slings allow for knot-less rigging and can be used to secure the block in the top of a tree without having to tie a knot.
Please choose from the small (5/8") or large (3/4")

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Regular Price $549.99 Now $519.99
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Shipping Weight 5.0 lbs.

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Shipping Weight 5.0 lbs.

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In stock
In stock
  • 44961_lb_mbs_ic.png
  • 67442_lb_mbs_ic.png
  • 44961_lb_mbs_ic.png
  • Minimum Breaking Strength [MBS]: 44961lbf (200kN)
  • Working Load Limit [WLL]: 8,992lbs (40 kN)
  • CE certification to European Machinery Directive 2005
  • Hot forged cheek plates in 6082-T6 aluminum for high strength to weight ratio
  • CNC machined from 6082-T6
  • Anodized to EN-12373-1:2001 Class I0EI Sealed for corrosion protection
  • Stainless Steel 303 anchor pin (IMB-S)
  • Efficient and robust Bronze self lubricating oilite bushings
  • 6082-T6 aluminum alloy sheaves Suggested Areas of Application:

  • Tree care dismantling operations
  • Forestry winching operations
  • Rescue
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