Barnel 10-1/2

Barnel 10-1/2" (260mm) Professional Series Pruning Saw ZF270

Corona Quick Saw 13

Corona Quick Saw 13" (330mm) Curved Pruning Saw QS 7900

Corona Quick Saw 7" (175mm) Folding Pruning Saw QS 7800

CQS 7800
Corona isn't kidding when they call this QuickSaw. Not only is it quick to the hand, but a quick cutting tool as well. Cut 20% faster than comparable professional saws with their patent-pending tooth patterns. Those teeth are make of SK4 Steel which stays sharp over thousands of strokes thanks to the same superior grade steel as advanced tactical knives. The 3 sided impulse hardened teeth remove up to 3 times more material with every stroke when compared to conventional saws.

13" pruning saw is also available - QS 7900.

Shipping Weight 1.0 lbs.

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Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty against material and manufacturing defects.
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