Climb Right Replacement Gaffs (1-5/8

Climb Right Replacement Gaffs (1-5/8") 90042

Buckingham Steel Tree Climbers (3-1/2

Buckingham Steel Tree Climbers (3-1/2" Gaffs) 91429R

Climb Right Aluminum Tree Climbers (2-5/8" Gaffs) 91222

Economical tree climbers (also known as spikes, spurs and hooks) from Climb Right. Climb Right aluminum climbers are made from two pieces of high strength aluminum alloy, making them incredibly strong and lightweight. Climb Right climbers come with a straight top shank from tempered aluminum. The top sleeve is adjustable from 15-3/4" (40cm) to 18-3/4" (48cm) to match your calf length. The bottom portion of the climbers made from textured aluminum for better grip when walking on tree limbs. The gaffs are secured with a two-screw design that lets you switch or replace quickly. The top screw is fully threaded through the gaff, giving the operator a visual guarantee the gaff is completely tightened to the climbing stirrup. Comes complete with bottom nylon leg straps. Made in the USA.
Sold in pairs only.
Shipping Weight 5.0 lbs.

Currently out of stock. More due on 07/23/2021 Order now to reserve yours.

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