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Portable Winch Skidding Cone Kit

Portable Winch Skidding Cone Kit

CMI 36

CMI 36" Nylon Rabbit Runner (Blue) RR 002

CMI Steel Arborist Block & Dead Eye Sling

RP145 S3415
Popular block and sling combo. This combo features a CMI arborist block and Samson Tenex sling. This combo can be easily secured with a timber hitch, running bowline or cow hitch to make a false crotch. Convenient knurled knobs allow for easy rigging of the upper bushing. Block is fabricated from zinc plated steel and aluminum for lasting durability in outdoor conditions. The aluminum bushing is on a stainless steel axle. Blocks have a manufacturer work load limit (WLL) of 4,000 lbs at 7:1 ratio and weigh approximately 5.0 lbs (2.2kg). Sling has a work load limit (WWL) of 2,200 lbs at 10:1 ratio.
Shipping Weight 10.0 lbs.

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