Cannon 56

Cannon 56" Double Ended Milling Bar G1 56 63

Cannon 87

Cannon 87" Replaceable Sprocket Nose Milling Bar For Lucas Mills

Cannon 50" Double Ended Milling Bar G1 50 63

CDE G1 50 63
Double ended chainsaw bar for milling slabs. These bars specifically made for chainsw milling and designed to be used in conjunction either with two chainsaw powerheads, or one chainsaw and a helper handle (stiinger) on the other end. Cannon bars are simply the best chainsaw bar made. If you are serious about the equipment you run, this is the bar for you. All bars are hand made from the finest steel, which is cold rolled, heat treated, annealed, stress relieved and surface ground to provide the best possible characteristics of wear resistance, strength, durability, straightness and elasticity. Rails are hand ground, not milled, to an accuracy of .002 of an inch for straighter cuts. Rails are also flame hardened to 5 points more than the saw chain itself.
Shipping Weight 10.0 lbs.

Please call 1-800-322-4539 for ordering information.
Ships in 7-10 Days

More Information
Length 50" (125cm)
Pitch Hardnose
Gauge .063" (1.6mm)
Maximum Cutting Length 38" (95cm)
Drive Link Count *154 (.375") or 139 (.404)
Recommended Chainsaw (90cc) and Larger
*Note:Drive Link Counts can vary slightly based on the chainsaw used and are only approximate.

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