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ArborMAX 7/16

ArborMAX 7/16" Cherry Bomb II 24-Strand Adjustable Friction Saver 7'

Stein Retrieval Ball

Stein Retrieval Ball

Buckingham TreeSqueeze

  • TreeSqueeze integrates a choking lanyard system that keeps you from falling down the tree in the event of a gaff out.
  • Meets ANSI Z133 by keeping you secure while chimbing on spurs.
  • The double rope specifically protects against cuts from handsaws and provides the user with a smoother ascent.
  • Aluminum ring Prusik provides users with quick and easy adjustment for different diameter trees.
  • Ring Prusik also provides a secure tie-in point when a natural tie in point doesnt exisst.
  • Prusik is key for easy descent, self-rescue and even doubles as a friction saver.
  • Retrieval of the TreeSqueeze from the ground uses the same retrieving method our poplular friction savers use.
Shipping Weight 1.1 lbs.

In stock
Overall Length: 8FT
Connector Type: Aluminum Rings
Standards: ANSI Z133
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