Replacement Gaffs 2-3/4

Replacement Gaffs 2-3/4" (Dowel And Screw Type)

Buckingham Climber 1-3/4

Buckingham Climber 1-3/4" Replacement Gaffs

Buckingham Steel Climbers (2-3/4" Gaffs) SB 93089

SB 93089
Buckingham steel climbers are made from selected high strength steel, making them incredibly durable. The 2-3/4" (64mm) spurs have replaceable gaffs and work great for general tree work. The 3-1/2" (89mm) spurs have permanently fixed gaffs and are recommended for thick barked trees such as redwood and old growth fir. Both spurs have top sleeves that will adjust from 15-3/4" (40cm) to 18-3/4" (48cm) to match your calf length. Both climbers also come with bottom nylon leg straps. Weight is approximately 4.6 lbs per leg iron and strap.

Note: Manufacture change in gaff attachment as of January 2011 - read more in additional specs below.

Shipping Weight 5.7 lbs.

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Replacement gaffs will have screws. #TB 9306
Note: Climbers stamped with 1/11 will have the new dowel and screw replacement gaffs. #NB9306 for tree gaffs and contoured titanium climbers. For titanium and steel pole climbers use NB9206A. For CCA TI and steel pole climbers use BN9106A for replacement gaffs.
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