T-Handle Wrench (Replaces Calks with Ease)

T-Handle Wrench (Replaces Calks with Ease)

Bish's Original Tear Mender 6 oz

Tear Mender glue is still made according to The Bish's original formula using the adhesive power of natural latex. It works by seeping into the tiny crevices in the fiber of fabrics, creating a bond that is permanent, flexible and waterproof. Within three minutes of application, you could wear a garment repaired with Tear Mender. Within fifteen minutes you could wash it.

You'll find Tear Mender has lots of uses: repairing leather garments and upholstery, hemming and repairing jeans, fabric crafts. So a bottle will pay for itself many times over. A single bottle of Tear Mender contains enough adhesive to perform approximately 50 repairs. That works out to just pennies per repair. It's no coincidence that The Bish's glue was first successful during the Great Depression. When times are hard, repairing what you have makes a lot more sense than buying what you can't afford.

Shipping Weight 1.0 lbs.

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