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Jack Type Chain Tightener

Jack Type Chain Tightener

Bailey's Heavy-Duty 3/4

Bailey's Heavy-Duty 3/4" Ring Skidder Chains (23.1-26) - Pair

Bailey's Heavy-Duty 3/4" Multi Ring Skidder Chains (30.5L-32) - Pair

34MRC 30532 DS
The classic skidder chain. This chain is used primarily on cable and grapple skidders and are excellent in mud and snow conditions. The strong alloy lugs are wrap welded for the ultimate strength and all tag and cross chains are made of hardened boron steel. All components are also made from boron steel. 3/4" (19mm) ring chains feature 1 1/4" x 10" rings (31.75 x 254mm)lugs are 5/8" thick, 3" wide and 2" tall (16mm thick, 76.20mm wide, 50.80mm tall)
Shipping Weight 1,104.0 lbs.

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