Granberg File-N-Joint Precision Filing Guide G106B

Granberg File-N-Joint Precision Filing Guide G106B

Pferd Chain Sharp Filing Guide (7/32

Pferd Chain Sharp Filing Guide (7/32") 17049

ATOP Square Chisel-Bit Filing Guide Assembly

The ATOP filing guide is a specialized tool for sharpening square chisel chainsaw chain. Square chisel saw chain is the fastest cutting saw chain made, and it can cut up to 26% faster than conventional round ground chisel saw chain. The problem with square chisel saw chain is keeping it sharp. Until the ATOP filing guide, your only option was to free hand file with a double bevel or 3-corner file (something that is rarely mastered today) or purchasing a square ground chisel grinder, which can cost over $1,000. The ATOP filing guide allows you to file square chisel chain like a master, and you don't have to take the chain off your bar. Simply mount the ATOP on your chainsaw bar, align and begin sharpening. Sharpens only 3/8" full comp chainsaw chain. Assembly includes 2 single bevel files.
Shipping Weight 1.4 lbs.

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