ArborMAX 3/4

ArborMAX 3/4" Double Braid Bull Rope

ArborMAX 9/16

ArborMAX 9/16" Double Braid Bull Rope

ArborMAX 5/8" Double Braid Bull Rope

58DB 600
ARB 58DB 150K
ARB 58DB 200
ArborMAX double braid bull rope offers high value at a very competitive price. New polyester fiber advances allow this rope to maintain improved strengths and lower stretch. ArborMAX DB is a firm, yet easily spliceable rope that allows for good handling and conformance to sheaves and pulleys. This bull rope features a tough urethane coating, which is applied after the rope is braided. The coating firms the rope, increases snag and abrasion resistance, and helps keep contaminants from entering the rope.

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$1.19 - $699.99

Shipping Weight 98.0 lbs.

Shipping Weight 0.2 lbs.

Shipping Weight 23.0 lbs.

Shipping Weight 30.0 lbs.

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More Information
Rope Type Bull Rope
Rope Construction Double Braid
Fiber Polyester
Diameter 9/16" (14mm)
Weight 11.6lbs/100ft (16.6kg/100m)
Specific Gravity 1.38
Elongation at 10% ABS 1.1%
Spliced Average Breaking Strength 11,800lbs (5,350kg)
Work Load Limit (Splice 5:1 ratio) 2,360lbs* (1,075kg)
*The published strengths are spliced rope strengths to enable a better understanding of actual working strengths.
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