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Meet us in Redding, California February 11, 12, 13 & Sarah Palin Keynote Speech Update!

by dotcompost 10. February 2010 19:16

Join us at the Sierra Cascade Forest Products Construction & Equipment Exposition this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We'll be bringing our famous Lucas Mill to the Conference. This is the 61st exposition and sure to be plenty for everyone there. It is promoted as the "Largest Equipment Display in Northern California!" Not only that but there will be a Logging Competition, "Wild Things" Wildlife Show and interestingly a Backhoe Rodeo. All this for free at the Redding Convention Center in Redding, California. Stop by our outdoor demonstration area to see the Lucas Mill in action and meet our friendly staff. As an added benefit for attending, if you place an order with us at the show over $200 you'll get free UPS Ground shipping (small print: Certain restrictions apply and we are not setup to accept cash at the event - credit cards or checks only, please).

Redding Convention Center
Redding, California
February 11-13

Sarah Palin Keynote Speech Update... It hasn't been easy to find information about this speech which took place this past Monday. Perhaps the Redding, CA speech was overshadowed by the news about the "crib" notes she wrote on her hand at the Tea Party speech in Nashville the previous week. In any case, I was hoping to find the Sierra Cascase speech on youtube, but a search at this point yields no results. I did find a couple of first-hand accounts that said she was given "a Rock Star's welcome." I personally thought it was unusual to schedule a keynote speech three full days prior to the actual opening of the event, but I'm sure that had as much to do with Mrs. Palin's schedule as anything else. Other details of note: The two speeches she gave at the Redding Convention Center were completely sold out. 4,000 people paid between $54 for a balcony seat to $74 for a floor seat to hear her speak. If you find a video posted for the speech, please send me a link via our Contact Us page.

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