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Anatomy of an Axe

by dotcompost 18. April 2013 22:21

Here at Bailey's, we sell a lot of axes. I mean A LOT of axes! Many of us employees have our own small arsenal, too. Not because we necesarily need several axes taking up space in our garages, but just because they're really cool tools, and well, when you need an axe, you NEED an axe! Because of customer requests (demand) we now carry lines from just about every manufactuerer you can think of including: Council Tool, Fiskars, Wetterlings, Husqvarna, Truper, SOG (tactical axes), Silky (hatchets), Ochsenkopf, and many more... As a tribute to the mighty Axe, we asked our senior graphic designer to create the illustration below, outlining the Anatomy of an Axe. Amaze all of your friends with this incredible, newly found knowledge by slipping phrases into your conversation like, "Yeah, yesterday I broke the haft on my axe right in the middle of the belly, but thankfully Bailey's stocks a complete line of quality replacement handles..." or "The other day I bought a new German-made Ochsenkopf. Unfortunately, I had to touch up the heel of the bit because I accidentally nicked it on a rock when I was hewing some timbers for my new log home." Enjoy.

As always, good cutting (or chopping as the case may be),

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