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by dotcompost 3. May 2011 00:27

For some time now. the Bailey's design team has been working behind the scenes on a new look for the website (in between producing catalogs and flyers). Today we're proud to announce the launch of the newly designed site. In addition to the some of the obvious bells and whistles, the cleaner and updated "look," we will be populating the site with more images, more image views and larger images over the next few months. Your feedback is important, so please feel free to leave any thoughts, comments or constructive criticism on our facebook page or by using our contact us page.

Good cutting,

Hit the Like Button and Enter Bailey's First Facebook Contest!

by dotcompost 11. April 2011 22:50

Our first facebook contest! Okay, here's an easy one for Bailey's customers: Become a fan of Bailey's on Facebook and leave a comment with the chainsaw model(s) you own/run on our CONTEST POST. On Friday, April 15, 2011 around 4PM PST we'll choose 3 winners at random from the comments to win a Bailey's T-shirt and Camo Bailey's Baseball Cap. If you're not already a fan of Bailey's on Facebook, just click the link and hit the Like button at the top of the page. From there, just follow the instructions above. Fine print: US residents only, please. Good luck!

Good cutting,

2011 Great Portable Sawmill Shootout Partners with The Official Paul Bunyan Show

by dotcompost 3. February 2011 20:13

It was recently announced that the 2011 Great Portable Sawmill Shootout will move just a bit closer to us over here on the Left Coast. Here at Bailey's we think the move to partner with The Official Paul Bunyan Show at the Guernsery County Fairgrounds in Ohio this October is a great decision. The dates for the event are October 7-9, 2011 - much later in the year than previous years. The Shootout should find a much broader audience and be good for the niche industry of portable milling. The nice thing about these larger events is that the general public can see first hand, the care, hard work and conservation that goes into a portable milling operation. They can learn about how many of us work hard to properly manage our land and resources. On the competition front, we've confirmed that the Lucas / Bailey's team this year will once again include the incredible Five-Time Stihl Timbersports Champion, David Bolstad. At the last Shootout in 2009, the Lucas team (led by David Bolstad) finished their logs in 35 minutes, 35 seconds, for a cutting rate of 583 board feet per hour. Our tailer, Casey Comer, credited David's technique of milling the logs flat and then turning them for improving the yield from the logs. Their final tally of 583 board feet was 9% greater than the log scale — a higher overrun than most of the bandsaws were able to attain. We expect big things from these guys again this year... Please join us in Ohio this October!

Good cutting,

So You Wanna Build a Log Home?

by dotcompost 2. December 2010 23:49

Building a log home can be very rewarding, but it can also be complicated and dangerous if not done correctly or with the right training under your belt. If you're considering building a log home, we highly suggest you search out training from a qualified school or builder. Alaska Log Structures up near Anchorage, Alaska offers a comprehensive 10-day course that covers everything from safety to purchasing materials to hands on training in the actual building process. For more information, please check out their website. Bailey's offers a wide variety of woodworking and log handling tools to help log home builders, too. 

Happy scribing this holiday season!

Time for a Change? The 36 Cent Chainsaw Bar Guage Determination Tool

by dotcompost 12. November 2010 22:15

Bailey's 36 cent bar gauge determination tool

Numbers worn off your bar? Forget the last time you ordered a bar or chain for your chainsaw? Dog ate your chainsaw manual? If you don't have a good way to measure your bar groove, perhaps it's time for a change. Now you too, can have a Bar Gauge Tool for the low, low price of only 36 cents. Each of the coins below will fit snugly in the corresponding gauge chainsaw bar groove.

Quarter = .063 gauge
Penny = .058 gauge
Dime = .050 gauge

Once you figure out your chainsaw bar's gauge, be sure to check out our comprehensive selection of chainsaw bars and saw chain!

Good cutting,

Survey Says: Bailey's Customer Service Reps are Top-Shelf!

by dotcompost 14. October 2010 17:39

Bailey's Customer Service Representative Doug Coughlin

I don't like to take up this space with self-congratulatory banter, but when this testimonial came in from a customer satisfaction survey, I really felt like I needed to share it. The truth is that our representatives get these kind of comments and feedback quite often, but it's not always in writing. We always appreciate hearing from our customers, so please let us know the good, the bad and the ugly. We'll always work hard to try to make things right. This firewood cutting "wood stover" is representative of many of us who work here at Bailey's and a growing portion of our best customers:

"I was referred to you folks by a logger friend of mine. I'm just a wood stover, but I cut a lot of poles to heat my home. I was brought up in a wood stoving house and most of my friends here in New England are wood stovers. Your associate (Doug xt228) was top-shelf in terms of courtesy, helpfulness and expertise. I am going to refer everyone I know that cuts, to contact Bailey's for saw needs because I am way impressed with all of the above. We may not be loggers, but things break and we need parts for our equipment with the best of them. I'm going to tell all of my friends and family about Doug and Bailey's. Thank you and good luck in these tough economic times!"

Among his many talents, Doug is also our resident Lucas Mill expert. Keep up the good work, Doug!

Good cutting,

Back by Popular Demand! FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING*

by dotcompost 6. October 2010 23:01

Our Holiday Sale catalog is just now hitting the streets and our customers mailboxes. This Christmas Sale Catalog contains thousand of great products and gift ideas for those of us who work and play in the outdoors at highly competitive prices. In addition to super sale prices -- back by popular demand, is our *FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING offer for orders over $200 shipped in the continental United States (excludes truck shipments and certain heavy items). It's only back for a limited engagement, so to take advantage of this offer you'll need to get your order in by November 30, 2010.

Good cutting and happy holidays all of our valued customers,

Kayak Logging - Salvage Logging Done Right

by dotcompost 23. August 2010 19:07

While doing some searches recently, I ran across a unique blog published by Mark Whitaker of the Red Alder Ranch. Mark and his buddies are involved in salvage logging with a unique twist called "Kayak Logging." When I first found his blog, images of S&S Aqua Logging of Ax Men fame came to mind. S&S got into a bunch of trouble after Washington state Department of Natural Resources officials saw Jimmy Smith and his son on the History Channel reality TV show, Ax Men. I asked Mark about the controversey and if he had encountered any problems during his salvage logging efforts. Mark said, "I was approached in the last year by a USFWS guy while hauling logs out of the creek on a trailer near the wildlife refuge here, but after a long time on the phone back to HQ, he finally had to admit that what we were doing was legal. It was right after that guy on TV got busted. I go after free floating logs or logs laying on an easy-to-get-at-beach below high tide line, and everything I've ever heard or read says that I'm okay with the law doing that." Mark appears to do everything by the book. Mark's kayak logging partner, Brian, has even pioneered a sport using kayaks to haul logs. Mark custom mills much of his salvaged timber which has been used to build everything from a cabin to custom made kayaks. Please check out Mark's blog and you can also view a youtube video of what might very well be the first-ever kayak logging race.

Good cutting,

Oregon PowerSharp: A Revolution in Chainsaw Technology? You Decide!

by dotcompost 5. August 2010 01:24

There has been a lot of marketing build-up and much anticipation regarding Oregon's new PowerSharp saw chain and sharpening system. Suffice it to say that we're excited about this new product, but at the same time we're anxious for a bit of feedback from our customers. We've been told by Oregon that PowerSharp will be available to ship in early September. If you decide to give it a shot, we'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts after you've had a chance to use the system for awhile. Check out the video below and maybe you'll decide it's worth a few bucks to see if PowerSharp can successfully replace hand-filing or sharpening your chain loops with a grinder.

Good cutting,

Second Chainsaw Carving Boot Camp a Huge Success!

by dotcompost 29. June 2010 00:39

Phew, it has been a busy June here at Bailey's. In addition to sending our Summer catalog off to the printer, we hosted two major events at our facility in Woodland, California. The first one that I'll cover in this post was the Steve Backus Chainsaw Carving Boot Camp which took place June 12-13. Before I begin, I would like to thank all of the students who came from near and far to attend the Boot Camp. This was our second such chainsaw carving event, and I think they just keep getting better. Steve (along with his protégé, Mike) and Pat McVay taught twelve students over the course of two days how to carve a Salmon and a Standing Bear. The early feedback from the students has been overwhelmingly positive. Many of them told me they were surprised at how professional their carvings turned out after two short days of instruction. Others were amazed at the incredible leap their chainsaw carving skills took after such a short time. I've posted a few images below to give you a flavor of the fun and learning that took place. My sincere thanks to chainsaw carvers Steve and Pat, and photographer/videographer Peter Wiant for another highly-successful event. Be sure to keep an eye out in our catalogs for future events. Lastly, a special note of thanks to Steve Backus, Pat McVay and their associate chainsaw carver, Steve Orne (Steve did a great Bear carving demo for the students on Sunday) for the cool Bailey's "chainsaw" stump carving they contributed to our Woodland facility.

Good cutting,

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