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Free Husqvarna Powerbox with Purchase*

by dotcompost 3. February 2015 18:16

Get a FREE Husqvarna powerbox (worth $44.99) when you buy a Husqvarna 372XP 20 chainsaw! This stackable case holds Husqvarna's exclusive filing equipment, filing vise, scrench, spark plug, 2 -cycle oil, bar and chain oil and operator’s manual. 

Exclusive "Husky leash" system for a secure fit and to protect the saw. Comes standard with an 18" to 20" scabbard.  Hurry, offer ends 2/9/15!

Demo Day 2014

by dotcompost 10. April 2014 17:32

Once again Bailey’s is throwing open their doors and rolling out large equipment to show you how to turn downed trees in to dollars. We’ll be showing off our new baby the D & L Timbertech 10” Portable Sawmill as well as the tried and true Logosol PH260 Planer. For those that want to get serious with chainsaw mills we’ll have the Logosol M8 ready to show its stuff too.

Our guys are going to make this a party for the whole family with giveaways and a free BBQ all day long. We’ll be doing the full show once in the morning and again in the afternoon. You’ll be meeting the Pro Milling Specialist team at Bailey’s who’ll be ready to answer any question you can fire at them. Everything, but the secret to the barbeque sauce, that is!

Hope to see you there!

1210 Commerce Ave., Suite 8
Woodland, CA 95776

Bailey's Announces $9.95 Flat Rate Shipping Offer for Lower 48 United States

by dotcompost 15. January 2014 19:13

Here at Bailey's, we know shipping costs are a common complaint, especially among our customers in the Eastern United States. Because of this, we are running a Flat Rate Shipping pilot program for a short time this Winter (not-so-fine-print-disclaimer: excludes select oversized and heavy-weight items). If you like it, please let us know. Better yet, if you like it, please use it. Why wait? Start shopping NOW!

Final Day for Husqvarna Days Christmas Rewards and Mail-In Rebates

by dotcompost 23. December 2013 18:25

Tomorrow (December 24, 2013) is the final day to receive rebates on select Husqvarna outdoor power equipment, including the popular 455 Rancher chainsaw. Order by December 24, 2013 and you are eligible to receive a pre-paid gift card from Husqvarna. Value varies per unit. See product page for details. Click here to see the elligible product list (771K pdf file). Click here for the rebate form (116K pdf file). NOTE: Claim form must be postmarked by January 24th, 2014 and received by January 31st, 2014.

Bailey's Red Dawg Work Boots Stand the Test of Time - Customer Testimonial

by dotcompost 6. May 2013 17:46

Recently we received this message and photo from Bailey's customer and Certified Arborist, Mark Malmstrom, regarding his Red Dawg boots. We've heard many similar stories over the years. Thank you, Mark for the message and great picture!

"I wanted to send a photo of my two pairs of Red Dawg boots.  After about 8 years of hard use I decided to get a new pair - same model. The simple construction is durable and they don't get hot. The unlined leather breathes and is cooler than my light weight hikers. Great product that I would recommend to anyone looking for a high quality arborist/logging boot. When I took the newer pair in for some touch up stitching the shoe cobbler guessed that I had paid in the neighborhood of $400.

"We sometimes work in rivers and canals and get our feet wet. Because my Red Dawgs are unlined plain leather, they dry quickly - a Goretex boot that gets water in it or a lined boot will not dry while you are wearing them. However, the Red Dawgs dry out just fine and it makes a huge difference in comfort. I've also used them extensively with spurs and they are great.

"Great boot, great value."

Mark Malmstrom
Certified Arborist
Total Tree Care, Inc.


Good cutting,

Anatomy of an Axe

by dotcompost 18. April 2013 22:21

Here at Bailey's, we sell a lot of axes. I mean A LOT of axes! Many of us employees have our own small arsenal, too. Not because we necesarily need several axes taking up space in our garages, but just because they're really cool tools, and well, when you need an axe, you NEED an axe! Because of customer requests (demand) we now carry lines from just about every manufactuerer you can think of including: Council Tool, Fiskars, Wetterlings, Husqvarna, Truper, SOG (tactical axes), Silky (hatchets), Ochsenkopf, and many more... As a tribute to the mighty Axe, we asked our senior graphic designer to create the illustration below, outlining the Anatomy of an Axe. Amaze all of your friends with this incredible, newly found knowledge by slipping phrases into your conversation like, "Yeah, yesterday I broke the haft on my axe right in the middle of the belly, but thankfully Bailey's stocks a complete line of quality replacement handles..." or "The other day I bought a new German-made Ochsenkopf. Unfortunately, I had to touch up the heel of the bit because I accidentally nicked it on a rock when I was hewing some timbers for my new log home." Enjoy.

As always, good cutting (or chopping as the case may be),

Building a Cabin in Alaska Wilderness with the Logosol M5 Chainsaw Mill: Day 21

by dotcompost 1. March 2013 01:02

Day 21

Cabin 12/2/12

Here are some updated photos from the winter of 2012 showing what the cabin looks like to date. 


Building a Cabin in Alaska Wilderness with the Logosol M5 Chainsaw Mill: Day 20

by dotcompost 21. February 2013 23:41

Day 20

Cabin 6/13/11

Finally got back up to the cabin after break-up, everything looked good with the exception of a few visits from Mr. Black Bear. Bear got in and decided a couple of ventilation holes need to be added to the inside surface of the house wrap behind the siding. Only pocked 4 small holes in it that can easily be fixed with scrap pieces and tape, he also decided to take a taste from an edge of one of the clap siding boards but only a small taste. Siding looked good with no cracks from drying, even on the south wall. All of the vertical post have vertical splits in them but I figured they would check out as they dried like log houses do. Hauled the canoe up in my boat and left it at the lake for future use (a small canoe trip is needed from the main river to get to the cabin). Foundation still seems level, plan on bringing up the laser level next trip to check if there was any settling. Planning on hauling up windows and insulation when it gets in on the barge. Looking forward to milling lumber again for trimming out the windows. Will post more photos in the next couple of weeks. Maybe black bear sausage as well!

Approaching cabin in canoe from the south.

Cabin south wall.

View from cabin looking east.

Building a Cabin in Alaska Wilderness with the Logosol M5 Chainsaw Mill: Day 19

by dotcompost 14. February 2013 17:20

Day 19

Cabin 4/18/11

Got the metal on, getting things wrapped up and put away for break up. Will start working on it again in June when I can travel up by boat.

View from lake

Front of cabin

Another shot from the lake

View from main snogo trail

9 year old son Koby heading home on his Bravo 

Will post more pics in June, hoping the black bears don't tear things up too bad between now and then, they will probably have fun with the house wrap on the inside.

Be sure to check back next Thursday for Part 20!

Building a Cabin in Alaska Wilderness with the Logosol M5 Chainsaw Mill: Day 18

by dotcompost 31. January 2013 22:54

Day 18

Cabin 4/16/11

1x6 skip boards in place

Eave and Gable trim in place and all ready for metal.

Plan on putting metal in place on Sunday.

Snow melting on trail in front of Cabin, got in the 50's in the afternoon.

Pulled mill of the ice so it doesn't become an anchor, put it in the cabin for the summer work after break up.

Snow melting around the arctic oven, hoping to get one more weekend to get things done until June.

Be sure to check back next Thursday for Part 19!

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