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by dotcompost 29. January 2010 16:50

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Well, I suppose it was inevitable. Eventually we had to take the plunge and start blogging. I mean everyone else is doing it, right? As our founder, Bill Bailey, would have said, HA! So here we go...

If you've been a web customer of our's for any amount of time you've probably witnessed a transformation of our website over the last couple of years. I don't mean in the "look and feel" as we "creative" types like to call it, but in the important stuff: the functionality and features that we offer to our customers. We've deepened and enhanced our category structure to make it easier to find just the products you're looking for. We've added useful features like our Bar Selector, PartFINDER, Saw Chain Cross Reference Chart, Lucas Mill Demo Finder and Customer Product Survey. We've also added enhanced pay methods such as PayPal. Look for Google Checkout later this year!

As of this post we have over 60 product demonstration videos featured on the website for some of our most popular products. These videos have been watched a whopping total of 517,637 times. Now, we realize this pales in comparison to <insert famous pop star name here>'s latest video, but we're still pretty darn proud of it.

Each and every one of the products listed on our website features our industry-leading Interactive FAQ system. Many products have built up a significant knowledge base of information that can't be found anywhere else on the web based on questions submitted by our customers. If you're not familiar with this feature, just click on any product, scroll down and click on the FAQ tab. You can review existing questions (if there are any) or submit your own. Thanks to you, we're also building a library of customer reviews to aid you in your buying decisions (located right next to the FAQ tab).

We also take your security and privacy very seriously. A little over a year ago we added the McAfee Secure (formerly Hacker Safe) service to our website. As a result, McAfee scans our site daily to ensure your security and privacy. You can find the "badge" updated daily at the top and bottom of every webpage on

In closing, let me say that we hope the Bailey's Blog will become another useful tool and source of information for our website visitors. Check back regularly for industry news, new product information and an insiders view of what goes on behind the scenes here at Bailey's.

Good cutting,
dotcompost, aka John Conroy, Bailey's Director of Marketing

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Welcome to the Bailey's blog. We've set up our blog as a place for Bailey's employees to share news and views on a wide variety of topics with our customers and vendors. Bailey's has served the wood products, tree care and landscaping industries as well as land and homeowners for well over 3 decades. We offer a wide variety of chainsaws and outdoor power equipment, saw chain, bars, OEM and aftermarket replacement parts and 1000s of products for those who work outdoors.

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