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2011 Great Portable Sawmill Shootout Partners with The Official Paul Bunyan Show

by dotcompost 3. February 2011 20:13

It was recently announced that the 2011 Great Portable Sawmill Shootout will move just a bit closer to us over here on the Left Coast. Here at Bailey's we think the move to partner with The Official Paul Bunyan Show at the Guernsery County Fairgrounds in Ohio this October is a great decision. The dates for the event are October 7-9, 2011 - much later in the year than previous years. The Shootout should find a much broader audience and be good for the niche industry of portable milling. The nice thing about these larger events is that the general public can see first hand, the care, hard work and conservation that goes into a portable milling operation. They can learn about how many of us work hard to properly manage our land and resources. On the competition front, we've confirmed that the Lucas / Bailey's team this year will once again include the incredible Five-Time Stihl Timbersports Champion, David Bolstad. At the last Shootout in 2009, the Lucas team (led by David Bolstad) finished their logs in 35 minutes, 35 seconds, for a cutting rate of 583 board feet per hour. Our tailer, Casey Comer, credited David's technique of milling the logs flat and then turning them for improving the yield from the logs. Their final tally of 583 board feet was 9% greater than the log scale — a higher overrun than most of the bandsaws were able to attain. We expect big things from these guys again this year... Please join us in Ohio this October!

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