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Demo Days August 9! Get $600 for Airfare Travel - See how!

by Webgal 21. July 2014 15:56

Did you miss the last Demo Day that we had in April? Have no fear! We had such a great time meeting customers and showing off our line of Milling and Planing products from Logosol and D & L Timber Technologies easy to use Swingblade Mill. This time we've upped the ante. In addition to Logosol and D & L Timber Technologies, you'll see the Morbark Chipper in action as well as their line Boxer units. The Boxers can put big power in small locations with attachments anywhere from augers, backhoe, snow thrower, tillers, dozer buckets with so many more to choose from.

Not only we are we excited to show off these lines of products to help your business get 'er done faster than ever before, we're even offering to REIMBURSE YOUR AIRFARE to come, up to $600 if you purchase ANY PH260 or PH360 Logosol Planer, D & L Sawmill, Morbark Chipper or Stump Griner and Boxer units.

So what are you waiting for? Make your plans today! Call Sarah at 800 322 4539 ext 215 and reserve your spot.

Building a Cabin in Alaska Wilderness with the Logosol M5 Chainsaw Mill

by dotcompost 27. September 2012 19:13

What follows is part one of a several part series that documents the true story of Mr. David Wightman of Galena, Alaska, and his ”logs to lumber” experience of building a cabin in a remote part of Alaska. The story is written in Mr. Wightman’s own words and originally appeared on the Logosol forum. We will continue to post new segments roughly once a week until the story is complete. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Cabin Building Day 1
Sunday, December 26, 2010

Well after 10 years of wanting to build a cabin with an M5 in a remote location in Alaska the adventure started off today. I transported the foundation beams, sill logs, sill tops, and the floor joist that I cut with my M5 at my house to the cabin site today with a snogo and sled. Eventually when I get the foundation done and floor deck completed I will be bringing the mill out to the site for the rest of the lumber making. Here are the pics and updates for the project. 

picture 1 of 8x8 beams for foundation and sill logs


picture 2 of 8x8 beams for foundation and sill logs


Bull Moose taking a look at the lumber on the way out of town. Small spike fork with a large body, would have been a good eater!


Bull and Cow moose inspecting the progress on the way out of town.


Cabin site looking in from the lake.


Cabin site looking out over the lake.


Load #2 true 2x6 floor joist cut with M5 in town, loaded and ready for a ride. 10 miles out of town one way via snogo.

Be sure to check back next Thursday for Part 2!

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