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Bailey's Red Dawg Work Boots Stand the Test of Time - Customer Testimonial

by dotcompost 6. May 2013 17:46

Recently we received this message and photo from Bailey's customer and Certified Arborist, Mark Malmstrom, regarding his Red Dawg boots. We've heard many similar stories over the years. Thank you, Mark for the message and great picture!

"I wanted to send a photo of my two pairs of Red Dawg boots.  After about 8 years of hard use I decided to get a new pair - same model. The simple construction is durable and they don't get hot. The unlined leather breathes and is cooler than my light weight hikers. Great product that I would recommend to anyone looking for a high quality arborist/logging boot. When I took the newer pair in for some touch up stitching the shoe cobbler guessed that I had paid in the neighborhood of $400.

"We sometimes work in rivers and canals and get our feet wet. Because my Red Dawgs are unlined plain leather, they dry quickly - a Goretex boot that gets water in it or a lined boot will not dry while you are wearing them. However, the Red Dawgs dry out just fine and it makes a huge difference in comfort. I've also used them extensively with spurs and they are great.

"Great boot, great value."

Mark Malmstrom
Certified Arborist
Total Tree Care, Inc.


Good cutting,

So You Wanna Build a Log Home?

by dotcompost 2. December 2010 23:49

Building a log home can be very rewarding, but it can also be complicated and dangerous if not done correctly or with the right training under your belt. If you're considering building a log home, we highly suggest you search out training from a qualified school or builder. Alaska Log Structures up near Anchorage, Alaska offers a comprehensive 10-day course that covers everything from safety to purchasing materials to hands on training in the actual building process. For more information, please check out their website. Bailey's offers a wide variety of woodworking and log handling tools to help log home builders, too. 

Happy scribing this holiday season!

Kayak Logging - Salvage Logging Done Right

by dotcompost 23. August 2010 19:07

While doing some searches recently, I ran across a unique blog published by Mark Whitaker of the Red Alder Ranch. Mark and his buddies are involved in salvage logging with a unique twist called "Kayak Logging." When I first found his blog, images of S&S Aqua Logging of Ax Men fame came to mind. S&S got into a bunch of trouble after Washington state Department of Natural Resources officials saw Jimmy Smith and his son on the History Channel reality TV show, Ax Men. I asked Mark about the controversey and if he had encountered any problems during his salvage logging efforts. Mark said, "I was approached in the last year by a USFWS guy while hauling logs out of the creek on a trailer near the wildlife refuge here, but after a long time on the phone back to HQ, he finally had to admit that what we were doing was legal. It was right after that guy on TV got busted. I go after free floating logs or logs laying on an easy-to-get-at-beach below high tide line, and everything I've ever heard or read says that I'm okay with the law doing that." Mark appears to do everything by the book. Mark's kayak logging partner, Brian, has even pioneered a sport using kayaks to haul logs. Mark custom mills much of his salvaged timber which has been used to build everything from a cabin to custom made kayaks. Please check out Mark's blog and you can also view a youtube video of what might very well be the first-ever kayak logging race.

Good cutting,

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