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My last Sarah Palin Sierra Cascade Conference Update?

by dotcompost 9. March 2010 23:42

Okay, so some web searches yielded a few first-hand reports of Mrs. Palin's speech. Unfortunately, I still cannot find a recording of the speech which would have been truly interesting to watch! As one might expect, she endeared herself to the logging conference crowd by holding her hand up to show what was written on her palm. What did it say, you ask? "Loggers rock!" - an apparent dig at what she called the "lame-stream media" who recently ridiculed her for writing speech "crib" notes on her hand at a Tea Party event. Toward the end of her talk she complimented logging industry folks when she referred to an administration that talks about green jobs. Of our industry, she said "You guys were doing green jobs before green jobs were even cool!"  Although Palin tailored some of her speech especially for the logging industry, her message apparently also sounded like someone running for office. She recounted a lifetime of accomplishments, from city council and mayor to governor and vice presidential candidate. Okay, like I said, that's it. Unless someone can find me that elusive footage on youtube or elsewhere. Ha!

On a slight side note, I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Pihl (of Ax Men fame) at the conference when he stopped by our booth. Mike, his company and many of his crew have been Bailey's customers for years and you'll never meet a more down-to-earth, sensible and cordial guy. A bit surprising, considering some of the shenanigans he deals with on the jobsite! He said that he did get to spend some time speaking with Sarah Palin and that she was smart, personable and truly cares about the forest products and logging industries. He said they spoke about the concerns of loggers and the logging industry. Mike said it was an incredible opportunity to speak to someone with "that level of influence." While I don't know the specifics of their discussion, I'm confident that he made one heck of a spokesman for all of us. Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Casey Comer, one of our Lucas Mill operators and mechanic extraordinaire, had Mike sign the top cover to his Husky 372. Pretty creative, if you ask me. I settled for having him sign the back of my Bailey's catalog.

Good cutting,

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