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American Loggers - A Maine Logging Family Meets Reality TV

by dotcompost 22. March 2010 18:39

Just about everyone is familiar with Ax Men, the hit logging reality series on the History Channel. I was pleased a few weeks back to discover that another series that hasn't received quite as much publicity, American Loggers, is back for a second season. If you haven't seen this show, I encourage you to check it out on the Discovery Channel. The subject of this show, the Gerald Pelletier Logging Company of Millinocket, Maine, have been long-time customers of Bailey's. Discovery Channel bills this series as Seven Brothers, Four Sons, No Rules - perhaps a bit overly dramatic (there's plenty of rules these guys have to follow!), but it is a heck of a good show. Much of the series focuses on the dangerous job of log trucking on The Golden Road, between Millinocket, Maine and the sawmills in Canada. These guys carry 275,000 lb. loads of timber up and down snow-covered roads. Occasionally, they run "doubles" and these loads approach 400,000 lbs.! I'm glad to see that this year, they're spending a bit more time covering the incredible processors that cut, delimb and cut logs to length - they literally do it all, quickly, efficiently and with minimal impact to the environment. You'll also get to see feller-bunchers, skidders and log loaders in some pretty extreme conditions. I've been to several logging sites here in the Pacific Northwest, but American Loggers gives us a glimpse into world that many never see - especially those of us here in the West. American Loggers has the usual cast of colorful characters with equally colorful nicknames and in my opinion, there's plenty of action to keep people watching.

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